Who We Are

GrowthMasters is a LinkedIn growth agency that specializes in
helping personal brands expand their impact and influence through the power of viral industry content.

We believe in building audiences through valuable content that attracts the right high-ticket opportunities. That’s why we obsess over data analysis to find the kind of viral industry content that is conclusively proven to attract the right professionals to you— no bots, no fake followers, and no automation is involved. Only relevant content that puts you in the top 5% of content creators in your industry on LinkedIn. All data, all value, no gimmicks.

We call this the Content Machine Method™.


How does the Content Machine Method™ work?

The Content Machine Method™ is a 4 step process we use for growing audiences for personal brands on LinkedIn.


The first step in the Content Machine Method™ is research:

The main reason people struggle to attract a quality audience is because there is a lack of research being done. With so much bad content on LinkedIn today, it’s absolutely necessary that the person growing your LinkedIn audience does substantial research into your niche and relevant industry content that will perform well.

Our team collects information from you at the beginning stages of working together, then heads over to LinkedIn to discover highly engaged audiences which we will be able to attract towards your profile. Since a real human is doing this, it allows for us to maintain a very targeted approach to LinkedIn growth.


The second step in the Content Machine Method™ is to catalog your public content:

Our strategy for cataloging your content is unbeatable. We process articles, podcasts, video interviews, social media posts, and much more to combine our knowledge-base of how you talk and what you’re interested in along with the content we gather from our kick-off “Brain Mapping” one-hour phone call.


The third step in the Content Machine Method™ is to use intelligent posting.

After generating more than 16M views for our clients in the last year and analyzing posting and engagement patterns from tens of thousands of posts from all of the LinkedIn top voices, we have learned a lot about best practices on LinkedIn— from posting times and frequency, to the use of emojis and capitalization. You get to see and approve all posts before they’re published on your behalf.


The fourth and final step in the Content Machine Method™ is to optimize:

Throughout the process of posting viral industry content, we make sure to measure the results we get from your community. If we find that one kind of industry content is providing better results than another, we double down on what’s working well. Unlike other agencies, there is nothing “set it and forget it” about what we do to grow your LinkedIn audience. We are constantly optimizing to maintain and improve the results we provide for you. This is where we are able to create quality with our approach and increase the quantity of viewers on your content each month at the same time.

How much will my account grow by using Content Machine Method™?

Before working with us, the average LinkedIn professional will generate about 500 views per post and are lucky to get 5,000 views per month. On average, our client accounts hit at least 100,000 views per month and are on track to earn top 5% viewership in their industry on LinkedIn in the first year of working with us and getting their first 1M views. Follower counts vary greatly per industry, for example someone who wants to be known for venture capital may grow by 5,000-10,000 followers in one year whereas a professional who wants to be known for marketing or viral videos will gain 10,000-20,000 followers in the same time period. In both cases, clients can expect at least 100,000 views per month; some of our posts have generated +1M views each.

When will I start seeing results?

Our clients start to see results within the first few days of posting together. As time goes on, the results tend to gain momentum and become more significant. We like working with clients for at least 3 months so we can analyze enough growth pattern data together over a healthy period of time.

Do you use automation, bots, or fake followers?

Absolutely not. At GrowthMasters we do everything manually to create the most authentic experience possible. This helps with growth, security, and also gives you peace of mind that your account is being handled properly.

Does Content Machine Method™ work for my niche?

Absolutely! Using the information you provide us, we will do research to ensure that we focus on attracting your ideal target audience.

What makes you different than cheap LinkedIn growth softwares?

We believe in quality > quantity. It’s our mission to help you attract the kind of audience that truly cares about your brand, content, and offers. Unlike most other agencies/softwares, our team manually does all of the work on your LinkedIn account (no automation). This is how we achieve such a high level of quality in the audience we help develop for our clients.

Most clients who hire us are top executives, exited/venture-backed CEO’s, consultants, and investors, so for them, quality is very important. With that said, our approach is to aim for creating a quality audience of people who are engaged and actually have the potential to become a customer/client/partner/employee/cofounder and more— not just a fan.

Do you comment on other people’s posts for me?

No, we do not do any of these activities: reply to comments on your behalf, speak on behalf of your brand, nor comment on others posts.

Do you message people (DM) on my behalf?

Only with your permission and if it’s relevant to the nature of a post. For example, we may distribute an industry template to your audience if they leave a comment on your post. You will see and approve the copy we will use to distribute the resource on your behalf via direct message (DM).

What happens when I sign up?

Once you sign up, you will be directed to a Calendly form on the next page where we will book our kickoff call to understand your market, brand, and tone. This call will take about 45-60 minutes.

After you’ve our kickoff call, we spend 7 days researching your niche and the audience of other influencers in your space to identify where we want to focus our efforts. We also catalog your existing content (podcasts, interviews, speaking engagements) so our content sounds like you.

Through this research period, we learn which industry content has conclusively proven to go viral in front of your ideal target audience on LinkedIn and where our focus is best spent for the best return.

From here, we focus on creating/curating content and submitting it to you in advance for approval. Approved content will be distributed on your behalf. Omnipresence on Autopilot.

Finally, you will receive excellent support via email and Trello. Your progress and analytics will be accessible 24/7 through our partner LinkedIn data platform ShieldApp.ai .

Can I cancel anytime?

You may cancel your account in writing any time after the initial 3 month minimum commitment.