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What Your Quickly-Growing B2B Competitors May Be Using…

👉 LinkedIn Funnels

The math and ROI of messaging cold leads at scale


New Cold Messages Per Month

This is the largest part of the funnel; the number of new leads you could potentially be talking to. We handle this on your behalf. 


Accepted Connections

We share info about what you do and invite recipients to a call. There’s a right and a wrong way to do this. We do it the right way.


Sales calls booked per month (average)

How would an average of +1 booked sales call per week every week of every month affect your sales goals?


New client that you close on per month

Suppose your closing rate is around 10% and your LTV is a conservative $15k. You would be making 10x ROI from working with us.

4,000+ Companies Have Generated 10M+ Leads in Total Using LinkedIn Funnels

Growth Hacking Sweet Spot: A Traction Channel New Enough to Not Be Overused While Being Established Enough to Not Be Reinventing the Wheel

“Should we get B2B clients using LinkedIn Funnels?”

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How We Do It

Our Secret Sauce

The Predictable B2B Growth Method™
Everything in COLOR is a Sales Call 👉

2 days, 12 high-ticket sales calls. This is a REAL screenshot from our accounts. What we do (simply put): see it as Cold Calling 2.0. Our service is 100% done-for-you— we message up to 1,000 new, cold, and highly targeted leads on behalf of our clients using sophisticated and proven copy that leverages cognitive biases and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to warm up relationships at scale. Once your leads respond to our cold outreach, we then manage the complexity of your inbox to qualify interesting prospects. Our happy clients just have to show up to the sales calls that we scheduled for them. 

#1 Most Common Question We Receive

Would This Work in My Industry?

Here’s what we know: we’ve worked across 50 different niches ranging from AR/VR and 5G to venture capital and private equity. We’ve worked in the real estate industry, SaaS, and fleet management GPS tracking systems. We’ve worked in construction and blockchain; in software development and in YouTube consulting. We’ve worked with a billion-dollar-valuation a16z-funded CEO ($250M+ USD raised) and with stealth-mode businesses. The process is always the same because it’s engineered to work for all clients in all industries. We DO have a process for identifying whether or not our service will work in your world. Let’s schedule a call (no strings attached) and figure it out together before we get started! Our team of high-performers loves tough challenges and technical industries. 

Our Background

What Clients Are Saying

GrowthMasters worked with us to get results very quickly. They know what they’re doing and are incredibly talented at nailing tone and style while generating tangible growth. Their help allowed us to quickly reach more than 8,000 followers, which resulted in brand exposure and lucrative deals.

MattMatt has worked with Vogue, BBC, NBC, CBS, PBS, GQ, Forbes, VidCon, and many more.

I trust GrowthMasters with my personal account because they understand my brand and goals. They are timely, responsive, easy to work with, and get results.

ChadCompleted transactions totaling nearly $8B USD.

I have tried several services for my LinkedIn and felt like I always had to compromise either relevancy or growth. I’m glad to finally work with GrowthMasters and start gaining relevant high-ticket opportunities. These guys get it.

BenClients include MasterClass, Universal Music Group, Disney, and many more.

My LinkedIn content consistently goes viral in the esports LinkedIn community thanks to GrowthMasters. My posts generate tens of thousands of views. I regularly receive inbound biz dev opportunities, podcast/speaking requests, and much more while positioning my company as an important player in esports.

MattHas raised 8 figures in venture capital.
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