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Why Everyone Is Doing Content Wrong

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How to research the right avatar for your offer

How to Research the Right Avatar for Your Offer:

Unlock the hidden strategies to identify and target the perfect audience for your services or products, using GrowthMasters’ powerful tools and techniques that lead to an influx of high-value clients, partners, and followers.


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Juan Campos & Eva Reder

uan Felipe Campos & Eva Reder, GrowthMasters co-founder, UC Berkeley lecturer, and 500 Startups EIR.

With a passion for growth and a proven track record in the B2B industry, GrowthMasters has successfully guided countless clients to realize their full potential on LinkedIn.

Leveraging cutting-edge strategies and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Juan & Eva are dedicated to helping businesses amplify their digital presence and drive tangible results.

How GrowthMasters helps their clients

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"GrowthMasters worked with us to get results very quickly".

“They know what they’re doing and are incredibly talented at nailing tone and style while generating tangible growth. Their help allowed us to quickly reach more than 8,000 followers, which resulted in brand exposure and lucrative deals.”

Founder & President at Little Monster Media Co. Completed transactions totaling nearly $8 B USD
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"My LinkedIn content consistently goes viral in the esports LinkedIn community"

“My posts generate
tens of thousands of views. |
regularly receive inbound biz dev
opportunities, podcast/speaking
requests, and much more while
positioning my company as an
important player in esports.”
Founder/CEO Esports One
Has raised 8 figures in venture capital.

"Get out of the stock market! I highly recommend you give Sam a call!"

“I trust GrowthMasters with my
personal account because they
understand my brand and goals.”
President, Entertainment Media Advisors, previously CEO of Machinima (acq. Warner Bros.) & COO of Ovation TV.
Completed transactions totaling nearly $8B USD.

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We’ve generated over 70M views for B2B thought leaders on LinkedIn (more than any other agency in the world). 
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